Get creative this autumn! You are challenged to design a bag that young people affected with arthritis would be proud to go to school with and find easy to use.

About the Competition

One in every 1,000 school-age people has juvenile arthritis, which can really hurt and cause stiff, painful joints, including those in their hands and arms. So a big problem they can face daily is heavy school bags, which often have fiddly fastenings, stubborn zips and tricky buttons.

That’s why Arthritis Care and BBC's Dick and Dom's Funny Business star, Kelly-Anne Lyons - who developed arthritis in her teens - are asking all you budding designers to imagine and create the ideal rucksack for pupils with this condition. We need you to design a bag which will mean people with arthritis live with less pain every time they open, close or carry it.

It’s really simple to enter. Just use the bag template and tools on the next page to select features for your rucksack... and draw ‘extras’... or download the template, embellish to your heart’s desire and send it back to Arthritis Care.

Judging criteria

The judges will award points on the basis of:

  • Suitability to young people with arthritis - 50%
  • Originality of design - 30%
  • Wearability - 20%
Entries will be evaluated by a distinguished panel of expert judges from various disciplines relating to juvenile arthritis. They will be looking for functionality, unique, intelligent design and practicability.

Submission deadline: Friday 11 November 2011

Winning entry

The winner will have their design made into a real bag, which will be presented to them by Kelly-Anne Lyons. The winner will also enjoy a day at the Design Museum in London and the winning design will be featured on the Arthritis Care website and include an interview with the winner.

This project is a joint collaboration between Roche Products Ltd. Chugai Pharma UK Ltd. and Arthritis Care. The project is funded by Roche and Chugai.

Date of preparation: October 2011

The winner will have their design made into a real bag...